The ultimate resource to find a business idea that solves a real problem.

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Finding a product idea that solves a real problem can be hard. That's why I created this carefully curated collection of the best tactics, resources, and tools to find real problems for your next business idea.

Is this you? πŸ‘‹

  • You always wanted to start a business
  • You want to create a product that solves a real problem
  • You are overwhelmed by the volume of information on Google and don't know where to start
  • You are underwhelmed by Twitter threads with 1000 likes but 0 concrete steps
  • You have a list full of ideas but nothing that solves a real problem

If you identify with any of the above, keep reading πŸ‘‡

What's inside? πŸŽ‡

  • 70 snackable tactics from experienced and successful entrepreneurs to find real problems
  • 10 internet's best in-depth resources (podcasts, books, newsletters) about finding customers' pains
  • 15 tools to spot opportunities
  • 5 printable templates to generate ideas without distractions

Thanks to it πŸ™

  • You will save 100 hours of research
  • You get an unfair advantage thanks to advice from the best entrepreneurs
  • You will never run out of problem ideas again
  • You will build the right thing and not waste hours on the wrong idea

Who am I? πŸ€“
I'm Katt and I'm building side projects in public to learn, have fun and (hopefully) quit my job in 2023. My goal is to launch 8 side projects in 8 months to learn, have fun and build a portfolio of small bets.

  • Project 1: Acquired
  • Project 2: Active and growing
  • Project 3: Active and generating revenue
  • Project 4: Active and working on v2
  • Project 5: Active and generating revenue

Why did I create this?
I have been keeping a list of ideas for years (Indiehacker lurker and dreamer since 2017). So I thought when I started my No-Code side project journey, it would be easy-peasy. I was wrong. No one was waiting for my ideas or caring about them.

So I took a step back and started doing research on how to get ideas that solve a real problem, things that people really care about (and want to pay for). The research was a giant rabbit hole. There are so many gems out there, but all hidden in a giant 'overload of information' haystack!

It resulted in a collection of 100 resources from the best entrepreneurs and creators, all nicely summarized in an Airtable base. I would be absolutely thrilled if it helps someone get started on their Maker journey!


What do I get?
You receive an Airtable base that you can copy to your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free.

Is there a refund policy?
Yes. If you didn't find any value, let me know, and I will refund you within the first 30 days. The only thing I ask is to provide some feedback, so I can learn from it and improve.

Any other questions?
Happy to connect on Twitter , answer any other questions or just chat.

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70 tactics + 10 resources + 15 tools + 5 templates

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The ultimate resource to find a business idea that solves a real problem.

5 ratings
I want this!